Browsing Brussels…

Our day began with a sleep-in of one hour after a late night in Antwerp. Breakfast was then had. After this, the scholars recorded some of their repertoire in the local church, which dates back to the year AD 800. The church itself was solemn and beautiful, and contained relics of the original structure. The acoustics were impressive, making the recording experience very enjoyable.

After a large lunch, we set out for Brussels. The two-hour bus ride was well worth it, and our first views of Brussels were of the beautiful parklands, gardens, and sculptures. Our next view was of the cathedral. It was expansive to walk through and the walls were covered with art and sculptures. The organ sat on the wall of the nave, appearing to be held by nothing.

We had less time than we had planned to see Brussels, but any time is enough time to see Manneken Pis. A masterpiece of classical sculpture, the story goes that a mother who lost her son swore to commission a sculpture of him exactly as he was was when he found. They found him in a corner 'whizzing', and so a fountain now sits in a corner of Brussels of a child, water flowing freely from him… The statue is commonly dressed up by students, and when we saw him he was wearing pink gangsta clothes.

The concert that evening was held in a beautiful cathedral dedicated to St Michael and St Gudula. We had plenty of opportunity to examine the building sitting down, as we listened to the other performances. Ogling the floating organ and stained glass windows was even more interesting than listening the Estonian choir, Püha Miikaeli. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the final act and missed the beautiful voices of the Hungarian choir. 

After a long bus ride home, we got back to Het Dorpshuis late, showered, and got to bed. A great day was made even better with the news of a sleep-in the following morning.

—Perrin Ford (year 11)

The Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula, Brussels.

The Scholars sing in Brussels Cathedral.

Mr Wilson hard at work in Brussels.