Ascension Thursday

Today we woke with shock to the dulcet tones of an all-too familiar voice crying, “Gentlemen! Time to get up!” Everyone came out of their cabins like zombies wanting to return to their graves (bed!).

During breakfast Ms Lewis (the best English teacher) made a revolutionary discovery called biscuit spread.

At 10:30, we sang at Mass with multiple other choirs for the Feast of the Ascension. The Mass came to an abrupt stop as the Korean choir forgot to sing the Alleluia. However, the day was saved by the almighty Mr Butler and his phenomenal sight reading skills. Mass came to an end as well sang Palestrina's Regina Coeli.

When we arrived back at De Lork, we had a power nap and then walked to Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery. This cemetery began with the burying of a soldier in 1915, and it now contains over 300 graves of soldiers who died fighting in Kemmel, some known and others unknown. The cemetery contained the bodies of Allied soldiers from nations such as Britain, New Zealand and Australia. The bodies of the dead soldiers are marked by rectangular tombstones that contain the name of the soldier, date of death as well as the emblem of the division in which they fought. As we wandered through the cemetery, we were shocked by how young many of the soldiers were when they died.

This slower pace today was much welcomed after the jam-packed schedule we have had over the last week!

— Antonio Guarino (year 9)

Khang Mai gives his seal of approval.

Khang Mai gives his seal of approval.