3: Simon Niemiński, new Assistant Director of Music

As we get closer to Easter, Thomas describes the huge number of pages of music that have to be prepared and printed for the Holy Week and Easter services. We are delighted to be joined by Simon Niemiński, the Cathedral’s new Assistant Director of Music, who talks about the experience of moving from Edinburgh to Sydney, his impressions of his new job, and his opinions on hot drinks. Richard has an earthquake story.

  • Keep an eye on the Schedule page to see when the Choir will be singing during Holy Week and Easter.
  • Simon Nieminski’s organ concert will be on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at 7 p.m., in St Mary’s Cathedral. Entry is free, and there will be a retiring collection.

Jackson and Khang advertise the Miserere concerts which took place on 16th and 18th March 2018.