Festival final days

12th May 2018

Today we had Mass and Terce in the morning, where we sang the Introit and Ave Maria by Victoria. It was the votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the celebrant was the Bishop of Brugge. After Mass, before lunch, the Hungarian girls played soccer (or football!) with us and they won… We then had lunch, which was tomato soup, as we had had the day before, and ice cream.

We then went to sing for the 'audition' or 'listening session'. At the audition, we sang six pieces of Gregorian chant: Ecce quam bonum, Intret in conspectu, Respice Domine, Si ambulavero, Tollite hostias, and Aeterna Christi munera.

Following the audition, a group of scholars went with Ms Vandergert and Greg to the Minimarket to buy some snacks. We then had dinner at De Bollaard, which was pasta, salad, couscous, rice, fish, and meat.

After dinner, there was another game of soccer: a rematch. Afterwards, we went to the hostel and Ms Lewis read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to us (AKA Harry Potter and the first book of the series). Afterwards, we all slept.

13th May 2018

Today, we had Mass in the morning, where we sang the Credo I. After Mass, we went to De Bollaard to have lunch which was chicken soup, lamb with mushrooms, potatoes, salad and ice cream. Afterwards, we stayed at De Bollaard for about three and a half hours. During that time, a few of us walked to the closed mini-market and back.

We then went to the Waaier Watou School to get ready for the Vespers procession. At Vespers, we sang Veni Creator and Veni Sancte Spiritu. After Vespers, we had dinner and sang Oculi Omnium as a "thank you" for the staff at De Bollaard. We then went back to the hostel to pack our bags and sleep.

— Liam Chang (year 7)

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Choir singing at Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Bruges on Saturday 12th May 2018 in the church of St Bavo, Watou.

Choristers and Scholars gathered together to listen to the reading of Harry Potter before bed.

Choristers and Scholars singing at the Audition at the Church of St Bavo, Watou.