An afternoon in Antwerp

Today was, like all other days of the tour, an incredible experience. The city of Antwerp, although difficult to get to due to heavy traffic, was completely worth the effort. The juxtaposition of old, traditional European structures and more modern architecture made this city unique and very beautiful.

The highlights of Antwerp were undoubtedly the Antwerp fountain and the Cathedral of Our Lady. Located in the heart of the city, culture and tradition run deep in these structures. The fountain portrayed the whimsical myth of Antwerp, sourced from the Dutch words “ant” (hand) and “werpen” (throwing).  The single-spired 123-metre tall Cathedral, described by locals as the loveliest cathedral in the world, depicts historical beauty amassed over 700 years that is unparalleled in Australia.

The concert in the cathedral went exceptionally well, our pre-Renaissance repertoire setting us apart from the other highly medieval choirs.

Before the concert, we had some time to explore Antwerp, with one objective in mind: waffles. The renowned Belgian waffles did not disappoint. Sitting in the heart of Antwerp at a side street café, it was paradise both in the culinary and cultural worlds.

Overall, while there were some hiccups today, the picturesque city was profound and appreciated by all, who could not help but acknowledge its beauty.

— Blaize Farah (year 11)

Outside the Museum an de Stroom (MAS) in Antwerp.

At Het Steen in Antwerp.

The Choir in Antwerp Cathedral.